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B.I. Renewal Case Study

Integrated Branding

Dr.FORHAIR B.I. Renewal Case Study

Integrated Branding

Project Background

Dr.FORHAIR is a global haircare brand that started from a scalp treatment salon in 2014. It is a premium derma brand based in New York, Beijing, and Seoul which focuses on solving various hair and scalp problems. Dr.FORHAIR provides scalp, heavy metal level, genetic hair loss, stress level checkups and designs care programs with clinical experiences gained in a scalp lab consists of about 30 trichologists around the world. Dr.FORHAIR expands globally as especially sales of functional haircare products grows. It is a premium brand of high quality and functionality; it continues to expand its market in US, China, Japan, and Vietnam. Aiming at brand globalization, rebranding was necessary to get rid of aging brand image and build a unified tone and manner.

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Executed Region
#Korea, Seoul

Our Solution

Eidetic analyzed competing brands and targeted market, and proposed a solution that will maintain Dr.FORHAIR’s clinical image and give discrete messages from other brands. We developed a guide that represent Dr.FORHAIR’s ‘witty’ brand identity in every design development plan. Eidetic built a high quality brand identity in on/off-line contents area starting from BI improvement with better readability and suitability for further product expansion, website renewal suitable for digital environment, and key-visual renewal. We designate various color palette which go well with brand’s main color, red, to raise degree of completion and expandability. Moreover, we planned to give customers a friendly message and improve aging brand image.       

- Global Market Anaysis&Strategy 
- Brand Diagnostics
- Renewal B.I.
- Renewal App UI/UX
- Design for the key visual, product detail page, digital assets